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moriwen1's Journal

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1 January
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  • moriwen1@livejournal.com
Hi! I'm Moriwen, but people mostly call me Mori, and this is my fanfiction journal.

All of my fanfiction is collected at my AO3 account, here. If you don't like AO3, most of my stuff is also on my livejournal account, but some has been posted to various communities and so won't be found on my journal.

To date, I've written fanfiction for Buffy, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Narnia, Oz, and Fox in Socks. I read all sorts of stuff, though, so feel free to send me links to anything of yours, and I'll try to read/review when I have time! In general I'm pretty chatty, so feel free to drop in and message me or comment. I don't bite. :) Also feel very free to friend, whether because you want to hang out or you just want to see what I post -- I'm not picky either way.

Have a great day!

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